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Eden’s Street Team!
Eden’s Street Team!
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I am a Browncoat.

I am Sherlocked.

I am the Bad Wolf.

I am Team Free Will.

Now that my nerdiness is out of the way, hi. I am Eden. I believe dragons have gotten a bad rep through time, and I am determined to re-write their history. They are the ancient warriors in tarnished armor. They are the hunted guardians long since abandoned by the goddess who created them. They are the majestic warriors with slightly warped senses of humor who not only deserve the girl in the end, but will fight forever for her.


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One Response to “About”

  • Missy V:

    Hey! I had started reading your novel Guardian’s Redemption on The Next Big Writer site but then noticed you took it down. Is it every going back up or perhaps will it be posted here? I would love to read your work again and finish it.

    Hope all is well, great site!!

    Missy V

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